Special $10 Earth Day Event
In honor of Earth Day Cristof is offering a special Group Theta Healing. During these healings you receive the channeled healing and supportive energies of Source, Archangels and Ascended Masters. Group Healings bring a unique energy dynamic as well as the power of "when two or more are gathered".

First you will feel the warmth, love, nurturing and nourishing energy of an unconditional love healing. Next you will receive a clearing of your aura and chakras with Archangels, Ascended Masters and the violet flame. This clearing is then followed by a Distant Reiki Healing. From there you experience the healing golden ray of Jesus in the form of golden suns. Finally, we will close with rainbows of energy from Source and Mother Earth.

Register for this event on the April 22nd (the day of the event) and you will receive a special rate of $10. If this event fills quickly then an encore event will be offered at 7pm PST the same day. You must register for the encore event on Earth Day to receive the special rate.

As an added bonus, all participants that leave Extremely Satisfied on this event get 5 free minutes to use for follow up calls of 6 minutes or longer with Cristof on 12Listen.

Here are the Details:
Dates: Tomorrow, Thursday April 22
Cost:  $10 for registration on 4/22
3:00pm HST
6:00pm PST
7:00pm MST
8:00pm CST
9:00pm EST
Duration: 30-40 minutes

Click Here to Register: Earth Day Registration

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This group healing event is offered as a service of 12Academy.com. The system is in place and the website is coming soon. The call is automatically muted to preserve conference call line integrity to provide the clearest connection possible.



*This energy work represents a form of Spiritual Healing Support in Holistic Health and is not intended as a means of clinical diagnosis and is not intended as a replacement for traditional medical or psychological care.

 Cristof Guerin 2008©

All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy, Fun,  Excitement, Enthusiasm, Exuberbance and GLORY!.









Cristof is a master of the healing arts. One has only to experience his techniques once to realize how invaluable this experience is. I have worked with Cristof on numerous issues and he comes with the highest recommendations from me.--D.M.~Denver, CO

I was able to go into a very deep state where healing occurred. I could feel what was out of balance leaving my body and could feel light coming in. Very powerful. Thank you. --K.L.~ Virgina Beach , VA

It was a wonderful experience. I'm still feeling peaceful and relaxed this morning after a great nights sleep. Thanks for the special offer, I look forward to doing another at a later date. --Gaia69

it was an amazing experience. the next day i was so happy with no pain! Thank you. Then to find a email with even more info wow! thank you again. many blesses. :-)--Anieves77